Public movement "LIBERATION" Public movement "LIBERATION" Public movement "LIBERATION"
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1.1. Ukrainian association of the citizens "Public movement "LIBERATION" is public organization, further "the ASSOCIATION" - created on the basis of unity of interests of the members for joint realization by them of the purposes and tasks determined by this REGULATIONS.

1.2. The association works on a basis on good will, self-management, legality and publicity, equality of its members, basing on their creative and scientific initiative, activity and according to the Constitution of Ukraine, current legislation and this REGULATIONS.

1.3. THE ASSOCIATION is free of political and religious belief.

1.4. Term of activity of ASSOCIATION - is not limited.

1.5. The activity of ASSOCIATION is distributed to all territory of Ukraine.

1.6. The address of ASSOCIATION: Ukraine, Kiev, Drujby narodov 3.


2.1. The purpose of activity of ASSOCIATION is: association of the citizens of Ukraine and all world for satisfaction and protection of the lawful social, moral, economic, creative, cultural joint interests and assistance to goverment in the duly prevention, revealing and liquidation of consequences of pollution of an environment, maintenance of ecological safety of ability to live of the man.

2.2. According to the purpose, tasks of ASSOCIATION are:

  • liberated the person of influence of any negative factors and processes, complexes, oppressions, persecutions etc.;
  • to informing, including through mass media of activity of Association;
  • assistance to the analysis interethnic of the relations.

2.3. The ASSOCIATION has not for an object reception of the profit from the activity.

2.4. The ASSOCIATION has not for an object realization of actions, which are directed on liquidation of independence of Ukraine and other countries, change by violence state building, which has developed in the countries, infringement of the sovereignty both territorial integrity of Ukraine and other countries, having undermined their safety, illegal capture of state authority, propagation of war, violence, on kindling of interethnic, racial, religious enmity, encroachment on the rights, freedom and health of the Man.


3.1. For achievement of the purpose and tasks, ASSOCIATION in the order established by the current legislation:

  • accepts payments from the members of ASSOCIATION and receipt, which are received on the bases which have been not forbidden to the current legislation;
  • takes part in organization and finances scientific, creative, industrial and others of measures directed on performance of tasks of ASSOCIATION;
  • creates funds of Association;
  • takes part in organization the fair, auctions, shows - programs promotes organizations and realization of exhibitions;
  • finances, gives the loans to the members of ASSOCIATION, for performance by them of authorized tasks of Association;
  • promotes development, organization and realization of measures directed on development of a science, education and art;
  • takes part in organization both realization of educational -methodical and cultural - mass measures;
  • founds or finances of mass media, with the purpose of performance of tasks of ASSOCIATION and propagation of its activity;
  • takes part in creation of services of social - psychological protection of the population, and also Telephone hotlines;
  • takes part in realization of the ant alcoholic and ant tobacco companies and actions, in the actions of the narcotic means;
  • takes part in organization both realization of the actions and measures directed on struggle with trade in the people, and also compulsory work;
  • promotes organization and realization of the actions on planning family, safe contraception, struggle of ADIS, decision of problems of a ADIS infection, struggle with creation and distribution of pornography production;
  • promotes study chemical, physical, biological, microbiological, pharmacological, toxicological and other properties of medicinal means, perfumery, means of hygiene, scientific researches of their activity and safety for Mankind;
  • takes part in organization and realization of measures concerning protection of the rights of the consumers, from use dangerous to life both health of products of a meal and consumer goods, the discontinuance of advertising of any production what dangerous to health both life of the Man and attraction to the responsibility of the persons guilty of creation and/or distribution of such advertising;
  • promotes harmony development of physical and spiritual forces, high work capacity and long active life of Mankind;
  • spends the actions concerning an interdiction and destruction nuclear, bacteriological, chemical and phsyhotronic weapons, and also on prevention of drawing of harm by imprudent destruction of natural resources and their inept use;
  • the achievement of interaction of a society and nature, protection, rational use and reproduction of natural resources takes part in organization and realization of the actions on propagation of ecological politics, which directed on preservation safe for existence of an alive and lifeless nature of an environment, protection of life and health of the population from negative influence caused by pollution of environmental natural environment;
  • spends the actions and promotes protection and reproduction of fauna, preservation and improvement of environment of stay of wild animals, maintenance of conditions of constant existence all of a variety of animals in a condition of Nature;
  • spends the actions and promotes improvement of an ecological condition of environmental natural environment in places of pollution of underground waters and grounds by petroleum and petroleum, prevention and prevention of negative influence;
  • spends the actions and takes part in protection and reproduction wild and others not of agricultural purpose of plants, seaweed, moss, and also mushrooms, places of their concentration;
  • takes part in realization of researches on revealing the probable local and global conflicts, develops technologies of their prevention and localizations;
  • fulfils techniques of cooperation domestic and foreign scientists of different branches of knowledge;
  • initiates and collects experience of attraction of means for financing the programs;
  • promotes organization and finances scientific researches concerning search, development both introduction of alternative and safe kinds of energy and fuel;

3.2. THE ASSOCIATION is independent in the activity of government management, political parties and public organizations. Any intervention in activity of ASSOCIATION is forbidden which can limit its rights or to interfere with their realization, if it is not stipulated by the law.


4.1. The individual members of ASSOCIATION can be the persons irrespective of citizenship, floor, age, nationality, color of a skin, religious belief, political sights, language, education, occupation, social status, which have made an entrance fee, observe rules of this REGULATIONSand activity promote the decision of its tasks and achievement of the purpose.

4.2. The collective members of ASSOCIATION can be collectives of the enterprises, establishments, which have made an entrance fee, observe of rules of this REGULATIONS and activity assist the decision of its tasks and achievement of the purpose.

4.3. All members of ASSOCIATION have the equal rights and duties and are equal before the law and conscience.

4.4. Nobody can be forced to the membership to ASSOCIATION.

4.5. The acceptance in the members, is carried out by Council of ASSOCIATION, or official. The exception of the members of ASSOCIATION is carried out by extremely Council of ASSOCIATION.

4.6. The application for the introduction in the members of ASSOCIATION is made in writing, under the form established by Council of ASSOCIATION, and is considered by Council at its following session.

4.7. In default in acceptance in the members of ASSOCIATION by the representatives by Council by the officials or the person, to which refused, has the right to address with the appropriate application directly to Council of ASSOCIATION.

4.8. The member of ASSOCIATION has the right:

  • to receive the information on activity of ASSOCIATION;
  • on prime reception of information, advisory and other help, which is given by ASSOCIATION;
  • to use the information and development of ASSOCIATION, within the limits of confidentiality; - on prime reception of job at the enterprises and in establishments created by ASSOCIATION for performance of its tasks;- on prime reception of the humanitarian and material help;
  • to bring in the offers on consideration of Council of ASSOCIATION, concerning improvement of activity of ASSOCIATION and elimination of lacks in job of its bodies and officials;
  • to be nominated on a vacant post of ASSOCIATION;
  • to leave ASSOCIATION;
  • to receive other help, that is given by ASSOCIATION.

Council of ASSOCIATION can establish for the members of Association as well other rights and privileges.

4.9. The member of ASSOCIATION must:

  • to make an entrance fee;
  • to bring in monthly member payments;
  • to observe rules of this REGULATIONS and to carry out the orders of Council of ASSOCIATION;
  • to take part in realization of authorized tasks of ASSOCIATION;
  • to do other obligatory payments established by Council of ASSOCIATION;
  • to give the information necessary for development of separate questions, which concern activity of ASSOCIATION or connected with its activity;
  • to not disclose the confidential information of ASSOCIATION;

4.10. The members of ASSOCIATION must to communicate among themselves on principles of mutual aid, brotherhood, mutual respect and respect.

4.11. For default or inadequate performance of the duties, rules of this REGULATIONS or orders of Council of ASSOCIATION, its member can be excluded from ASSOCIATION, with all consequences stipulated by this REGULATIONS and the current legislation and carries determined by Council of ASSOCIATION the responsibility.

4.12. In case of an exception of the members of ASSOCIATION the made payments are not subject to return.

4.13. Each individual member of ASSOCIATION receives the appropriate certificate of membership in ASSOCIATION which sample affirms by Council. For restoration of the lost certificate the member of ASSOCIATION pays established in Council of ASSOCIATION the money tax.

4.14. The collective members of ASSOCIATION receive the appropriate Certificate on membership in ASSOCIATION established by Council of a sample.

4.15. Each member of ASSOCIATION is under protection and trusteeship of ASSOCIATION.

4.16. The questions at issue arising between the members of ASSOCIATION, can be transferred for settlement on consideration of the representative by Council of ASSOCIATION . In case the member of Association disagrees with result of such consideration, he can address with the written application directly to Council of ASSOCIATION or court.

4.17. The members of ASSOCIATION have the right to spend assemblies, meetings, campaigns and demonstrations, on which realization the appropriate departments of government beforehand are notified.

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